Sham Archeology

– Struggling to remove the splinter
in my foot. I can feel it
without knowing how
it is making its way in

or if it remains in the same
callused dwelling
it has made for itself
to inhabit.


I remember once having agreed
to a dinner with my old boyfriend.

We had already broken up.
Even the waitresses at the restaurant
were wiping down tables
& pulling at blinds when we arrived.

After we paid, we sat on a large rock
at the edge of the park & watched a taxi
turning its service light out.

A woman in a blue dress
stepped off the curb, violently waving
a folded bill, but the driver shook his head
and continued on.


I have only toenail clippers
so it is a dirty, difficult work.

What is sought
seems too discrete.

I don’t how to describe
what pain is too much to bear.

I can even scare myself
by leaving too many documents open

and, given the chance,
I will be careless for almost nothing.


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